Analysis of post-intervention results shows significant positive results


The analysis of the quantitative post-intervention data and test results has now been completed. This  analyses shows that intervention group membership had a significant effect  on the children’s performance on the Early Number Concepts sub-scale of the BAS II and on the Bryant & Bradley test of phonological awareness.

The study therefore shows that when the preschools were provided with software for use in the home and the preschool, along with the limited pedagogic support that families required to use it effectively, this had a significant positive effect upon some aspects of early learning in language and number of the children aged 3-5. We now know that:

Supporting Playful Learning with Information and Communications Technology (SPLICT) in the Early Years Really Works…

There were no significant differences in the effects of the intervention on boys and girls. The data analysis continues and April 27th 2012 has been set as a provisional date for a project conference in Swansea and the publication of the final project report. Given the evident success of the intervention the team will now be seeking funding support to create a pack of materials that may be distributed to support other preschools in encouraging the effective application of ICTs in the home learning environment.


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