A is for Apple


The iPad is just what many early childhood educators have been waiting for. It’s highly portable, user friendly, touch screen operable interface has, like all the best ICT (Information Communication Technology), it has been designed very much with children, and those still in touch with their inner child, in mind. There are already early childhood applications or ‘apps’ available on the iPhone for free or a nominal fee and the Land of Me will soon be one of them. I’m certain we can expect an explosion of new apps designed with early years education in mind.

In the meantime if you get tyhe chance try some of these – and think about the additional advantages to be had from the 10 inch screen of the iPad:

Magic Piano – Me Books – Singing Fingers – iToyBoxThe Wheels on the Bus – MusicMonkey and the Crocodile Montessori Crosswords Cinderella3 Pigs PopOut! The Night Before ChristmasPocket Phonics SmackTalkLetter Writer Space +++

Read more about apps for the iphone and the ipad in the Guardian here from Friday 18 November 2011
…or in the Calcutta Telegraph or Information Denmark

Other recent Press Links: Time and Leisure EYE – TESNursery World Guardian – TES


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